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Welcome to Dickson Industries

Welcome and thank you for choosing Dickson Industries for your needs. Since 1946, Dickson Industries has provided top-quality products and service to a multitude of international businesses ranging from the medical field to high-tech, from sporting goods to environmental applications.
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Here at Dickson Industries, we strive to produce top of the line goods to our customers–both locally and internationally. In 2017, Dickson Industries started the process for our SQF certification from the Safe Quality Foods Institute. For the certification to be awarded we, as a company, had to prove that the necessary steps were being taken to ensure that every product that goes out of our facility meets those standards. While some of those steps were already in place throughout the business, there were things that needed improvement. The president of the company, David Dickson, met with CIRAS from Iowa State University to go over what steps were being taken already and are doing well with and what needed to be approved upon. With help from the gap assessment and CIRAS, Dickson Industries was able to obtain the SQF certification in of 2018. To read more about what SQF is or to get more information on it click the link below.
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