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DICKSON Wins the Prestigious
"Hormel #1 Award"

After 14 continuous years of receiving the Spirit of Excellence Award, Dickson Industries, Inc. was recognized and honored as a recipient of the prestigious “Hormel #1 Award” for 2006 through 2010. Only 23 out of Hormel’s over 3,500 suppliers received the award this year.

In order to receive the Hormel No. 1 Award the supplier must:

  • Have a supplier rating index of 96% or better in the fourth calendar quarter of the reporting year. The average of the five year supplier rating supplier rating index must be equal to or greater than 96%.
  • Be a recipient of the Spirit of Excellence Award (an annual award) for a minimum of four times throughout of the last five consecutive years.
  • Meet additional requirements in the areas of number of products sold by the supplier to Hormel Foods, dollars of exposure and deliveries to Hormel Foods; number of locations served; and participation in continuous improvement processes.

As a family owned business, Dickson Industries, Inc. prides itself on quality and service. We continually strive to develop strong ties with our customers to provide them with the finest quality products at fair prices and with the best customer service available. We are a manufacturer and we are eager to work with our customers to develop innovative new products or improve on existing ones to add value, reduce labor and save money for our customers while maintaining the high standards we all demand. We continue to grow and to offer only the best products and services to all our customers.