The corporate philosophy has always been to offer our customers the finest quality product, at a fair price and to back our products with the best customer service available. We are a manufacturer, so we always work with the customers to develop products to their specifications and often are able to make recommendations to save our customers time and money. We hire individuals with expertise in the various industries we serve to stay current with new innovations. We are always available to visit with our customers in person or on the telephone, to discuss ideas, questions or concerns. Our central location and our customer service are valuable assets to our company's ability to serve our customers.

Dickson Industries, Inc. values our employees, all of our customers, and our reputation as an ethical, responsible and dependable supplier. We continue to purchase new equipment and to work on new product ideas to present to our customers. As an American manufacturer, we take pride in producing “Made in America” items. Never standing on past accomplishments, we are working diligently to continue to offer the best in products, price and customer service.


Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. All of our products are fully guaranteed and USDA approved. Our Research and Development team is continually working to better serve you.

Communication is important to us. We listen to your needs and suggest or develop new products to help you solve problems, as well as save time and money. At DICKSON Industries, Inc. our entire staff, including the President, is available to answer your questions promptly. During business hours, you will never have to talk to a machine or voice mail.

Quality Control
Quality control, cost containment, and complete customer satisfaction are our main goals at Industries, Inc. We are continually upgrading our machinery and facility, training our personnel, and working to provide you with new and better products at very competitve prices.

Experience and a broad understanding of the specialized needs of the industry enable us to offer solutions to your problems. We have been in business since 1946 and are international in scope. DICKSON Industries, Inc. is a family owned and operated business, so we have a deep, longstanding commitment to customer satisfaction. The DICKSON name guarantees integrity, innovation, competitive pricing, thoroughness, and a commitment to our customers. Our record of customer satisfaction and loyalty is among the highest in the industry, and our reputation and corporate image are outstanding.

Availability and personal contact are important to us. Our Midwest, centralized location allows us to offer quick delivery anywhere in the country. Our nationwide, knowledgeable and thorough sales staff will not only meet with you on a regularly scheduled basis, but will be available to consult with you as requested.

Special Needs
Special needs are routine at DICKSON Industries, Inc. Since we are an established, respected manufacturer, you can rely on us to provide quality products, custom-made to fit your needs. We will be happy to work with you to accommodate special shipping, packaging, or delivery requirements, including immediate response to emergency situations. We offer volume contract, guaranteed pricing, in some cases for 12 months.

Relationships with our customers are very important to us. We will work closely with you to develop the right product for your needs. You can be sure that any product specifications developed for you will be kept confidential, and all products have been thoroughly researched and tested before being offered.

Products to meet your individual needs. DICKSON Industries, Inc. is a full-service company and is able to provide you with stockinette, medical fabric, clothing, footwear liners, jackets, insulated apparel, Roast Knit, Smoke Net, Deli-Knit, absorbent products, filtration fabrics, and more.



The DICKSON Industries, Inc. logo was designed by Mr. Dickson 35 years ago. Originally, the logo stood alone

The left side of our corporate logo represents cones of yarn sitting on a multi-feed yarn rack. The right portion is a "D", which stands for DICKSON.

35 years ago, the logo was placed in the name DICKSON, replacing the "O". The logo was also enhanced by adding DICKSON Industries, Inc., as shown below.